Piwnica Rycerska Kęty - hotel, karczma, restauracja


The hotel's restaurant in the nineteenth-century cellar offers you dishes full of flavor and aroma.

Enjoy the best composition of spices and fresh products of the highest quality. Prepare many dishes based on local products, which we can fully trust.

We will delight you with an unusual combination of Polish and Italian cuisine, and a wide variety of wines from all around the world.

Rooms: Convivial ( Biesiadna ) and Treasury ( Skarbiec ) are opened only when previous booked!

In the morning You are invited to the Inn ( Karczma ) - every day from 9:00am.


Table reservation:
+ 48 33 845 25 05


Piwnica Rycerska

ul. Rynek 8, 32-650 Kęty

+ 48 33 845 25 05


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