Piwnica Rycerska Kęty - hotel, karczma, restauracja

Do You need accommodation during Your business trip?


You have come to the right place! We invite You to Piwnica Rycerska!

We offer You a comfortable rooms at attractive prices where You will find everything You need to work. 

We are located in the city centre of Kęty, close to the bigger towns: Andrychów, Bielsko-Biała, Oświęcim.

What makes us different from the competition? Certainly delicious kitchen!

Do you want a proof? Our restaurant was twice awarded with "Two Forks" in POLAND 100 BEST RESTAURANTS competition.

...and after work? We offer You a relax in our Gym and we invite You to our other hotel: Hotel & Spa Kocierz.

Call for the details + 48 33 845 25 05 or write to us: poczta@rycerska.pl


Piwnica Rycerska

ul. Rynek 8, 32-650 Kęty

+ 48 33 845 25 05


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